Jul 11, 2014

Bringing +19,000 Voices to the Secretive TPP Negotiations

Reilly Yeo
For over two years now, we've been pushing back against the secretive and extreme Trans-Pacific Partnership, specifically the provisions around intellectual property, which would censor the Internet
Jul 4, 2014

The TPP so far

jason hjalmarson
As Trans-Pacific Partnership talks reconvene in Ottawa, Canada, your OpenMedia team has launched several efforts to bring transparency and citizen voices to the negotiations. Here’s how it’s been goin
May 13, 2014

Internet slow lane? Worst. Idea. Ever.

Eva Prkachin
The FCC is holding a meeting that could allow Big Telecom to impose expensive new fees on smaller websites, effectively creating an Internet slow lane for everyone except deep-pocket conglomerates.


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