iran election

Jun 24, 2009

Iran: a deeper look at post-election events

Nima Maleki
The contest for power within Iran has not yet been resolved, though the opposition seems to be considering its options. A compilation of analytical articles are here gathered to provide some depth.

Amnesty International Rally for Iran

Jun 25, 2009
Rick Casson, Member of Parliament Office
255 8 Street South
T1H 0Z5 Lethbridge
49° 42' 45.9396" N, 112° 50' 7.4832" W
Rally to show concern over crackdown on peaceful protests in Iran following election.
Jun 20, 2009

Iran's post-election upheaval: June 13 to June 20

Nima Maleki
Details and analysis of demonstrations and political events following the Iranian election. Demonstrations and clashes with security forces have followed a presidential election many view as rigged..


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