Kinda and Zaina in the rubble of Gaza, hoping to reunite with their mother and two younger siblings in Canada after over 2 years of separation. Image used with permission.
Matthew Behrens | Last month, UN secretary general António Guterres declared: "If there is a hell on earth, it is the lives of children in Gaza."
Annamie speaking to Green Party of Canada members and supporters at the 2019 Toronto Centre nomination meeting. Image credit: Annamie Paul/Creative Commons.
Rick Salutin | Not answering questions is a crucial life skill for leaders, but Annamie Paul managed to make others look like babbling brooks.
Jagmeet Singh. Image credit: Jagmeet Singh/Facebook
Karl Nerenberg | New Democrats and Liberals both had their conventions this past weekend. Liberal delegates were more focused on winning the next election and less on policy debates than their NDP counterparts.
Not Rex commentator Anna Jessup. Image credit: Video still
Anna Jessup | Opposing military aid to Israel is not antisemitic; it's being a peace activist, says Not Rex commentator Anna Jessup.
Palestinians crowd into checkpoint "cattle pen," Checkpoint 300, Bethlehem. Image: David Kattenburg
David Kattenburg | By conflating boycotts and other pro-Palestinian activities with anti-Semitism, as it does in its 2019 audit of anti-Semitic incidents, B'nai Brith Canada undermines the fight it claims to champion.
Image: David Kattenburg
David Kattenburg | The Liberal government demonstrates its hypocrisy in proclaiming support for the rule of law while supporting Israel in its illegal occupation policies.
Image: Photo by Bruce Reeve, modified by Independent Jewish Voices Canada
Michelle Weinroth | Open letter urging members of the Ontario legislature to vote against a private member's bill in support of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance's working definition of anti-Semitism.
Elections Canada poll sign. Image: Dennis Sylvester Hurd/Flickr
Larry Haiven | A critique of the submissiveness of Canada's major parties to the Israel lobby, and review of recent welcome changes in the period leading up to the October 21 federal election.
Independent Jewish Voices Canada | IJV Canada calls out the NDP for removing Rana Zaman from the party's candicacy for her tweets critical of Israeli policy.
The author underground at Psagot Winery, tasting their fine chardonnay. Image: David Kattenburg
David Kattenburg | A demand that wines produced in the post-1967 occupied Palestinian territories not be labelled "Product of Israel" makes its way to court this week in Toronto.
Sydney Nestel at a protest of the UJA-Toronto Walk with Israel, May 27, 2018. Photo: Raghd Hamzeh.
Sheryl Nestel | A critique of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's uncritical support of Israeli policies -- a stance at odds with that of many Canadians, including Jewish-Canadians.
Lia Tarachansky | Many don't understand that Israel/ עם ישראל (the Jewish collective identity), the State of Israel (founded in 1948), and the government of Israel are separate, although they sometimes overlap.