Jack Layton

Jul 4, 2011

NDP convention: The groundwork to govern in 2015

Atul Bahl
Our challenges reside not in differences between New Democrats, but in how to come to terms with diverse positions so we can work towards presenting Canadians with a distinct progressive alternative.
Jun 21, 2011

Reflections on the NDP convention

Brian Topp
The New Democratic Party met in convention this weekend. What happened and what did it mean? A good place to start is that just shy of 98 per cent of delegates gave Jack Layton a vote of confidence.
Jun 18, 2011

The NDP celebrates

Gerry Caplan
Jack Layton's NDP is bringing the sweet smell of success to a distraught Vancouver. But the delegates at the convention may want to remember that not all such gatherings have been joyous celebrations.
Jun 14, 2011

The New Democrats turn the big 5-0

A look at five decades of the sacrifice and work that finally led to the NDP becoming the Official Opposition of Canada -- what the past tells us and what the future could hold.
May 24, 2011

How Jack Layton's NDP won Quebec

How well the NDP succeeds in bringing its new Quebec players front and centre will decide whether or not the New Democrats are poised to become the dominant player in Canadian politics.


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