Jack Layton

Oct 22, 2011
Vancouver, juin 2011. Photo: flickr.com/kimkim

La gauche et le NPD

Pierre Beaudet
Depuis l'élection fédérale de mai dernier, un débat traverse la gauche québécoise sur le NPD.
Book Review
Oct 13, 2011
Hope is Better than Fear

Jane Doe remembers Jack

Jane Doe
In this excerpt from the newly published eBook, Hope Is Better Than Fear, Jane Doe reflects on Jack Layton's work to further feminist goals.
Sep 27, 2011

Seeking the right NDP leader for now

The NDP is preparing for the first time to choose a party leader who Canadians will consider as a serious alternative to Stephen Harper. The right candidate needs many qualities to do the job.
Sep 23, 2011
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#130 - How to get active in your community

rabble radio
In this podcast: how to get active in your community, 9/11 and Muslim women, Aboriginal awareness week and a rebroadcast of Stephen Lewis' eulogy for Jack Layton.


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