Jim Laxer. Photo: James Laxer/Twitter
Mel Watkins | We met in mid-1969 at a small gathering in Toronto of NDP members. The bond we formed in the time of the Waffle was a defining moment of my life politically, and one of its great joys, personally.
Michael Laxer | Co-founder of the Waffle, academic, writer and politician, Laxer died on February 23 in Paris. He is remembered here by his son, Michael.
Photo: CPAC/YouTube
Karl Nerenberg | Laxer died on Friday February 23 in Paris. He was a political activist and public intellectual who influenced more than one generation.
Michael Laxer | With all due respect to Stephen Lewis, the reality is that the last 40 years have not been a victory for the Left.
Book Review
Charles Demers | James Laxer's new book Beyond the Bubble: Imagining a New Canadian Economy pulls the curtain back to reveal the deliberately-obfuscated workings of the North American economy.
Eric Mang | Harper is taking a two-month vacation. Here are a few tips to help Canadians remember why their Prime Minister went into hiding.