Kenney and Alexander answer questions about Temporary Foreign Workers Program ch
Karl Nerenberg | It is a horror that Immigration Minister Chris Alexander did nothing to help a desperate Syrian family, who had relatives in Canada. But that indifference is not new.
Anita Kranjc | On August 18, Nahla Abdo's new book, Women in Israel, was launched in Toronto, with a discussion by b.h. yael, Himani Bannerji, Lilian Abou-Tabickh and Amir Hassanpour.
Sean Mullen | A new art exhibit in Vancouver explores the little-known history of Albanian Muslims who saved Jews during the Second World War.
Britt Aharoni, Natalia Halec, Michelle Higgins, Natasha Marar, Shobhita Sharma | For many people who were unaware of their Jewish roots, the Web is revealing a whole new identity.
Rick Salutin | Israel is now a state among nations and must be held to account, not absolved for fear of igniting a new Holocaust.