Jun 29, 2011

Omnibus crime bill an injustice

Paula Mallea
This fall the Harper government will pass an omnibus crime bill that will imprison thousands more Canadians and cost billions of dollars.

Rethinking Toronto police: A public forum

Jun 20, 2011 to Jun 21, 2011
519 Church St. Community Centre
519 Church St.
M5R 2T1 Toronto , ON
43° 39' 59.094" N, 79° 22' 52.0536" W
Ontario CA
This public forum provides an opportunity to discuss new and alternative ideas about police issues in Toronto.
May 26, 2011

Return to Gaza

Chris Shaw
I last saw Gaza from the windows of an Israel Defense Force (IDF) army bus in the summer of 1979 as a reservist returning from deployment in the eastern Sinai.

Volunteer in Uganda this summer!

Apr 27, 2011 to Apr 28, 2011
Northern Public Library
40 Orchard View Blvd
Toronto , ON
43° 42' 29.6856" N, 79° 23' 59.6112" W
Ontario CA
The KIRABO experience is a 3 1/2 week excursion in July for people seeking an exciting mix of outdoor adventure, travel, cultural immersion and dynamic social action.

How to support survivors -- A workshop for community members

May 17, 2011 to May 18, 2011
Good Shepherd Women's Services Community Room
30 Pearl Street North
Hamilton , ON
43° 15' 40.4712" N, 79° 52' 53.2956" W
Ontario CA
Nobody expects to be raped but one in three women will experience sexual assault. It is important that as friends and family members we know how to respond to friends who have experienced violence.


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