Matthew Behrens | Selfies taken by Canadian cabinet ministers with war criminals Henry Kissinger and Colin Powell are examples of how fawning obeisance disappears the victims of power while celebrating brutal violence.
Drones, Whistle Blowing and Justice
Face2Face | Join in as we talk about Tonje's new important film "Drone," truth, Sun Tzu's "Art of War" and how it's been misunderstood, the greater good, freedom, choice and responsibility.
MQ-1 Predator Drone launching a Hellfire missile.
Christopher Majka | Since 2009 the U.S. has been launching drone strikes against Yemeni citizens. Is it legal? Is it effective? Is it just? Journalist Farea Al-Muslimi discusses the impact of this military campaign.
Amy Goodman | Obama's promotion of John Brennan, and his prosecution of John Kiriakou, demonstrate how the recent excesses of U.S. presidential power are the creation of a frightening new normal.
Rick Salutin | The widespread surprise and alarm over Barack Obama's recently revealed "kill list" for suspected terrorists, including U.S. citizens and innocent bystanders, is a case of misplaced shock.