Janice Jo Lee - Sing Hey - janicejolee.ca
Dan Kellar | Kitchener-based folk artist Janice Jo Lee speaks about her new album "Sing Hey" and her pending tour, and discusses healthy artistic scenes and social justice in life and music.
CFRC hosts the 2015 Homelessness Marathon
Dan Kellar | As CKMS's 2015 Homelessness Radio Marathon Contribution, we organized a roundtable with members of KW-based Alliance Against Poverty, a grassroots community organization.
AntiGentrification Kitchener
Dan Kellar, Julian Ichim | An anti-gentrification tent city and week of action is ongoing in Kitchener to resist the ongoing tech sector and condo takeover of the downtown. Julian Ichim joins us in studio to talk about it.
H.G. Watson | The Canadian Labour Congress spurs on an initiative called 'Better Choices Waterloo Region,' which identifies and endorses progressive candidates in municipal elections.
Scott Piatkowski | Last week the NDP found a new reason to love byelections, when Catherine Fife won a victory for the NDP in a provincial byelection in my home riding of Kitchener-Waterloo.