Jun 23, 2014

A look at the federal political horse race

Karl Nerenberg
Polls put the Liberals ahead nationally, with the NDP in third place. Polls based in Quebec tell a very different story about the federal voting intentions of francophone Quebeckers.
Apr 7, 2014
Quebec Premier Pauline Marois

In Quebec: Same old, same old -- or a historic upset?

Geoffrey Stevens
Polls show the electorate is moving, but where the people are heading is anyone's guess. The PQ is in trouble, the Liberals could win a majority (or not), and the CAQ is a wild card.
Dec 9, 2013
photo: wikimedia commons

Justin Trudeau is definitely no Jack Layton

Brad Lavigne
Justin Trudeau told supporters that the Liberal Party has replaced the 'hope' and 'optimism' people once held for the NDP. Brad Lavigne states bluntly, 'Justin Trudeau: you sir are no Jack Layton.'
Nov 26, 2013
Clock Tower in Parliament Hill

Byelections 2013: The return of the status quo

Christopher Majka
Byelections are strange beasts; blizzards of activity of moot significance. There is an intense desire to discern significance in their minutiae; smoke signals that portend the next election.


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