Nov 13, 2015
Image: Flickr/bcgovphotos

Five whoppers British Columbians are being sold on LNG

Marc Lee
The CCPA-BC have uncovered a pattern of misinformation about LNG, coming primarily from the government, which should be looking out for the public interest instead of blindly championing the industry.
Jul 21, 2015
Photo: GovNL Photos/flickr

Premiers' energy strategy doesn't go far enough

David Suzuki
It's refreshing to see premiers recognizing the need to address climate change through conservation, efficiency and clean technology, but we need a greater shift to keep problems from getting worse.
Jul 9, 2015
Image: Flickr/bcgovphotos

B.C.'s LNG project agreement is a risky business

Marvin Shaffer
The BC Liberal's deal with Malaysian gas giant Petronas doesn't just shed risk for industry; it imposes potentially huge risks on the people of British Columbia.
Jun 19, 2015

Harper and Clark approve LNG Canada project in B.C.

Brent Patterson
The Harper and Clark governments have approved the LNG Canada project. While this is the first to be approved under a federal-provincial streamlined process, more could be on the way.
May 27, 2015
Source: CCPA-BC

Let's take a clear look at B.C. LNG

Marc Lee
A new report considers the ambition of the LNG enterprise as envisioned by the B.C. government, and delivers the first assessment of the cumulative impacts of LNG development.


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