Madiha Syed, used with permission.
Madiha Syed | When will my hijab be the symbol of peace it is meant to be rather than a target for hateful people?
The London, Ontario vigil in memory of the Afzaal family. Image credit: Andrea Horwath/Used with permission.
Rick Salutin | Can you build a national identity around having no one national identity?
Justin Trudeau attends a vigil for the Afzaal family. Image credit: Justin Trudeau/Twitter.
Karl Nerenberg | In New Zealand the government set up a royal commission after a gunman shot 51 people in two mosques in Christchurch, in March 2019. Canada should do the same.
Photo: Council of Canadians
Victoria Fenner | For those who weren't able to make it to a Women's March last weekend, and for those who did and would like to go to another one. Meg Borthwick takes us to the Women's March in London Ontario.
Photo: flickr/Dan Taylor
Jason Russell | The recent announcement of the Kellogg factory closure in London, Ontario has spurred on questions about Canada's deindustrialization and increasing dependance on precarious employment.
Geoff Bardwell | The World Figure Skating Championships are ongoing in London, Ontario until March 17. Outside the arena, however, some in London are expressing their concerns about the impact of this event.
Trish Hennessy | It may have taken flight, but today Caterpillar, the corporation, looks more like a moth that is flying far too close to the flame. Unfortunately, many good people are getting burned in the process.
Workers disrupt traffic on the road outside the Electro-Motive Diesel plant in London, Ont. on Jan. 21. Photo: Mick Sweetman
Mick Sweetman | It was a boisterous scene outside the massive Electro-Motive Diesel factory on Jan. 21 as more than a thousand trade unionists joined the picket line in solidarity with 465 locked-out workers.