Bourke Street on 8 hours day. Melbourne Victoria ca. 1907. ( Image: Flickr/State Library Victoria Collections)
Phillip Dwight Morgan | On May Day we celebrate the achievements and struggles of the labour movement; a movement for which has held a longstanding and deep-rooted commitment and solidarity.
May Day rally for immigrant and workers' rights, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 2015. Photo: Fibonacci Blue/Flickr
Duncan Cameron | In 2019, the labour movement around the world prepares its demonstrations of hope, solidarity, and support for collective action at a time of major worker distress and unrest.
Photo: UN Women/flickr
Meagan Gillmore | To celebrate May Day, rabble is focusing on the accomplishments of women in the workplace. We spoke with outgoing CLC secretary-treasurer Barbara Byers about her work as a labour activist.
A still from Sunflower Man
Maya Bhullar | On Sunday April 30, Mayworks brought together three performances about migrant activism in Journey to Belong.
Photo:  Paul Cone/flickr
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan | The immigrants-rights movement, organized by some of the most vulnerable people in the U.S., is hitting the streets in force on May 1.
Photo: TAWC: Toronto Airport Workers' Council facebook group
Teuila Fuatai | Toronto airport workers celebrated May Day with a rally demanding equal pay for equal work, $15 minimum wage, sick days and an end to precarious work.
Photo: Graphic History Collective
Ella Bedard | There are many meanings to May Day. Members of the Graphic History Collective tell us what the Workers' holiday is all about.
Photo: Flickr/State Library Victoria Collections
Ella Bedard | The legacy and lessons of May Day, with Stephanie Ross, co-director of the Global Research Centre at York University.
Photo: flickr/Confédération des syndicats nationaux
David Gray-Donald | Unions in Quebec are mobilizing today on May Day against austerity. Why? Because enough is enough and it's time to stand up against austerity.
Book Review
Solidarity Unionism: Rebuilding the Labor Movement from Below
Daniel Tseghay | We need solidarity across unions, industries, and workers. And as 'Solidarity Unionism: Rebuilding the Labor Movement from Below' argues, unions must look to new forms to do it.
Diana Beaumont, Jiselle Hanna | Labour news from the Asia Pacific region. Interview about government repression of May Day organising and the ban on demonstrations in Taksim square.
Photo: Rob Caballero/flickr
Lynne Fernandez | This May Day, let's take a moment to recognize and celebrate all the organizations and individuals who refuse to accept social exclusion as inevitable, and who won't let the dream die.