Megan Leslie

Mar 31, 2015

Canada is the 'black sheep' of climate change, says NDP

Karl Nerenberg
March 31 was deadline day for countries that were ready to submit their greenhouse gas reductions to the United Nations. The United States, Mexico and the EU have stepped up. Where's Canada?
Mar 28, 2014
MP James Bezan

An Open Letter to MP James Bezan

Christopher Majka
In criticizing MP Megan Leslie, MP James Bezan appears to believe that supporting freedom of expression implies that one also supports the content of what is said, a logical and democratic fallacy.
Sep 12, 2012
MP Megan Leslie

Hurricane Leslie: We're going to be all right

Christopher Majka
NDP deputy leader Megan Leslie has a crystal clear vision. Her political power is firmly rooted in community, and the strength she draws from it is returned to it, giving it voice, power and respect.
Feb 9, 2012

Pipelines: Which side are you on?

Bernadette Wagner
Did the HarperCons have poor science education? Because it's clear they're not responding to the science on the Enbridge project. What interest does it serve the government in ignoring science?


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