men in feminism

Feb 11, 2015

'Male allies': Still a problem

Meghan Murphy
If men working to end violence against women aren't accountable to the feminist movement, who are they accountable to?
Sep 11, 2013

The trouble with male allies

Meghan Murphy
It makes sense to be skeptical of men who self-describe as feminist allies. "Show, don't tell" should be the basic rule.
Feb 29, 2012

Men, feminism and the Hugo Schwyzer controversy

The F Word
Meghan Murphy speaks with Shira Tarrant and Ernesto Aguilar about issues surrounding men's role(s) in feminism, as well as the recent controversy around male feminist Hugo Schwyzer.
Jan 24, 2012

On pornography and the persistence of patriarchy

Michael Laxer
As a man, I cannot speak to differences within the feminist movement on pornography, but I can speak to the misperceptions of pornography that seemingly exist within the broader left and among men.
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