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Dec 16, 2014
Photo: Homeless Hub/flickr

A B.C. Human Rights Commission and mental health

Marina Morrow
In B.C. there is currently no organization that consistently monitors legislation, policy and standards regarding the human rights of persons living with a mental illness.
Oct 6, 2014

The phobia

The Swan Song
Psychologist Dr. Randy Paterson discuss the personal and social forces sources behind phobias and how he tries to help people overcome their debilitating fears.
Sep 28, 2014

The bullied

The Swan Song
One girl discusses the anguish she experienced at the hands of her school-yard tormentors and the emotional trauma that resulted.
Aug 6, 2014
The Swan Song

Youth suicide in Canada

The Swan Song
Dr. Michael Markwick discusses how insufficient clinical services funding for youth has impacted youth suicide rates.


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