Royal Marines of X-Ray Company, 45 Commando during a ground domination patrol in Afghanistan in 2009. Photo: LA(PHOT) NICK TRYON/Defence Images
Murray Dobbin | Our new Middle East policy? It's simple. We have no business being there, we have no lofty goals capable of being achieved, we have no genuine national interest.
Image: Flickr/Stephen Downes
Shenaz Kermalli | One of the richest countries in the world is running out of food.
Book Review
Gerard Di Trolio | No recent conflict is as misunderstood as the Syrian Revolution assert authors Leila Al-Shami and Robin Yassin-Kassab. It should be seen as a revolution. Here's why.
Curt Rhodes, Syria and the Refugee Crisis
Face2Face | Curt talks openly about Syria, the Middle Eastern crisis, refugees and why we can't survive without others. He reminds us that every person matters, chats about trust, trauma and loss.
Rick Salutin | What's the problem with "radicalization"? The process that leads to radical outcomes -- whatever they are -- is various and malleable. Their experience radicalizes people -- or doesn't.
Monia Mazigh | After the departure of a few tyrants, did real change come to Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen or Iraq? Despite claims to democracy, it seems the West prefers security and stability in the Arab world.
Photo: wikimedia commons
Arash Falasiri | Observing the socio-political spheres of the Middle East these days, you'll probably hear "Canadians have become more Americanized than Americans!" ... from independent journalists and activists.
Monia Mazigh | "I told you so!" These were the words of Ayman al-Zawahiri, first-in-command of al-Qaeda, to the Egyptian people after the July military coup by General al-Sisi that dashed "Arab Awakening" hopes.
Rick Salutin | Mouthing phrases like "free and fair election" does nothing for legitimacy. In fact, if you think about it, we hardly know what we really mean by democracy.
rabbleTV | Members of the Muslim Brotherhood called for a nationwide Day of Rage after Wednesday's security crackdown left at least 638 people dead and 3,000 people injured.
John Rees | The Egyptian state is using a level of deadly force that it has never yet dared to use at any point in the Egyptian revolution. The result has been horrific carnage.
Christopher Majka | Until the status of women in Islamic societies is based on civil rather than religious precepts the gender playing field will remain markedly uneven. We need to encourage a modernist, secular society.