migrant rights

Apr 3, 2015
Photo: Tania Liu/flickr

Temporary foreign workers face unjust crackdown

Sarah Zell
Diwa Marcelino
The Harper government's new four-and-four rule does little to address inherent problems with the TFWP and may in fact exacerbate the vulnerabilities of an already vulnerable workforce.
Jul 3, 2014

Bill C-24: The Stealing Citizenship Act

No One Is Illegal
Bill C-24 makes citizenship, already out of the reach for most migrants, much harder to get and much easier to be taken away at the discretion of immigration officials.

Community BBQ - Agricultural Workers Alliance

May 27, 2012
Agricultural Workers Alliance
14 Albert Street Selkirk Park on John St. and Albert St.
N8H 1H5 Leamington , ON
42° 3' 12.3948" N, 82° 36' 10.1952" W
Ontario CA
Appreciating the efforts of migrant farm workers


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