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Lois Ross | The NFUniversity is working to educate, build awareness and encourage alliances with those who understand the importance of food production, but do not necessarily farm.
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Chelsea Nash | Lack of status means workers have no labour rights, can be deported at any time, and experience long term damage to their family relationships.
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From the migrant worker campaign for landed status, used with permission
| Support their demands for a renewed caregiver program
A list of demands. Photo: Aylwin Lo
Aylwin Lo | Morning comes. As we prepare for whatever the day may bring, the contractors arrive and tell us that we won't be working today, since we've refused to move to the other greenhouse.
Aylwin Lo | Thursday starts with some confusion. The contractors are trying to allocate us based on who is planning on returning to Toronto this weekend, and who is planning on staying on longer.
Jason Edwards | According to a Citizenship and Immigration Canada report, the number of migrant labourers in Canada increased from 177,781 to 432,682 between 2000 and 2010.
View from the writer's bunk. Photo: Aylwin Lo
Aylwin Lo | As soon as we receive word that we will be paid daily, we scramble to prepare for work. Because many of us will work off-site, we gather our lunches and water and don our winter clothes.
Photo: Aylwin Lo
Aylwin Lo | Six of us -- three men, three women -- are deposited at a greenhouse that is much smaller than the one where we are housed.
Aylwin Lo | We're roused at 6 a.m. when the contractors turn on the lights. From the top bunk of one of six lining the walls, I survey our room.
"Pilgrimage to Freedom," a 12-hour march organized by migrant workers and J4MW in 2009. Photographer: Gerardo Correa
Tyler Shipley | The accident that claimed 11 Peruvian workers' lives was not a tragedy but a crime, linked to the systematic exploitation of foreign and migrant workers in Canada.
A scan of the classified ad the writer answered. Headline says   "Greenhouse hiring" and body text says "Picking tomatoes." Photo: Aylwin Lo
Aylwin Lo | This week, I felt it was finally time to take the wraps off of a journal I kept during a two-week trip in 2004 to investigate the conditions of undocumented Chinese migrant farm workers.