Sainte-Catherine Street, downtown Montreal,1968. Image credit: Archives de la Ville de Montréal/Flickr
Karl Nerenberg | Our class at Outremont High came of age in the turbulent '60s. For the most part, however, the political and cultural upheaval we associate with that decade had not yet happened.
Jewish children, fleeing postwar antisemitic violence in Poland: Prague, Czechoslovakia, July 15, 1946. Image credit: American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee/The Holocaust Encyclopedia
Karl Nerenberg | We were the Outremont High School class of 1964. A Zoom reunion of the graduating class became, in a way, our own Truth and Reconciliation Commission.
Book Review
Phillip Dwight Morgan | David Austin's new book tells the story of the 1968 Congress of Black Writers in Montreal.
Image: JustinLing/Flickr
Yves Engler | The Montréal police have a problem with democracy that the new progressive city council should address.
Yves Engler | It's dispiriting to see progressives echo a right-wing municipal party/dominant media campaign against curtailing car traffic through Montréal's mountain park.
Saskatoon Night Skyline
Victoria Fenner | From the Press Progress Summit 2017, an exploration of how to build Canada’s progressive future at the most local of political levels – our cities and towns.
Karl Nerenberg | On his first visit to Quebec outside Montreal, Singh had to answer tough questions not only on his turban, but also on separation.
Image: Wikimedia Commons/Justin Cozart
Yves Engler | Many find it easier to imagine the collapse of civilization than the replacement of a transportation and urban planning system based on private cars.
Yves Engler | Montrealer Percy Girouard played key role in expanding British colonial rule across Africa.
Michel Lambert, Donald Cuccioletta | In the aftermath of the Quebec City tragedy, we need more than solidarity messages.
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| The defrauder walked free
Brian Jean
David J. Climenhaga | A feud with a prominent Quebec politician may work for Alberta's conservatives if it encourages the conditions in which the NDP's campaign to win social license for pipelines fails.