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Dec 2, 2010

OCAP challenges the Rob Ford agenda

John Bonnar Audio Blog
As Rob Ford began his first day as the new mayor of Toronto, OCAP wasted no time in accusing him of embarking upon a Mike Harris agenda.
Dec 3, 2010

Single mother feels ignored by City Hall

John Bonnar
On Wednesday afternoon, Sabrina Gopaul addresses a crowd of 150 anti-Ford allies. It's Ford's first day in office as the newly elected mayor of Toronto, but Gopaul's got little reason to celebrate.
Nov 10, 2010

Rob Ford and the rise of the municipal right

On Oct. 25, Toronto residents elected Rob Ford as mayor in an election that saw a higher than usual voter turnout. He ran on a platform of cutting social spending and taxes.
Nov 6, 2010

Why Naheed Nenshi won in Calgary

Calgary's new mayor used social media to communicate with voters and vowed to end divisive politics at City Hall. In return, he was voted in with the highest voter turnout in recent memory.
Nov 2, 2010

Tea Party fortunes fertilize grassroots

The stunning rise of the Tea Party -- which seems to have had spillover effects here with Rob Ford's victory -- shows how the wealthy have manipulated the anger following the 2008 financial crash.
Oct 29, 2010

Rob Ford and the politics of anger

Eric Mang
The phrase most often used to describe the ascension of Ford is "voter anger." This rage against the machine may have blinded many Ford supporters as to the character and measure of this man.


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