Stuart Trew | The cities of Toronto and Prince Albert are asking for more information from the Ontario and Saskatchewan governments about how municipalities will be affected by the Canada-EU trade deal.
Auckland Town Hall, New Zealand
Stuart Trew | Auckland, New Zealand and Berkeley, California have passed motions on the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement (TPP) that will be familiar to Canadian trade activists.
UBCM keynote address. Photo: BC Gov Photos/Flickr
Keith Reynolds | One of the major topics of discussion at the annual gathering of the Union of BC Municipalities has been the taxes local governments collect to provide their services.
Paula Boutis, Pro Bono, Laura Bowman | A reader asked us if Canadian municipalities can pass an environmental bill of rights, as some American jurisdictions have with the help of the Community Environmental Legal Defence Fund.
Keith Reynolds | Last week Philip Hochstein had an op-ed in the Vancouver Province accusing municipalities of profligate spending and accusing municipal workers of being vastly overpaid.
Village of Queen Charlotte | Delegates at the UBCM annual convention in Whistler have resoundingly voted in opposition to the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline and oil tanker traffic on B.C.‘s north coast.
Jane Williams | Of each dollar that is paid in taxes, only eight cents reaches municipalities. This means city councils are scrambling for money to complete essential infrastructure projects.