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Jim Silver | Carlo Fanelli's book Megacity Malaise makes the case for civic unions as front-line defenders against continued neoliberal attacks directed at those who are not at all the cause of our urban problems.
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Lynne Fernandez | This fall Winnipeg City Council will determine the future of waste collection. While garbage is generally not a "sexy" topic, there are many reasons why the public should be paying attention.
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Lynne Fernandez | With the beginning of investment in maintenance trades staff and Winnipeg's bus fleet, there's reason to be cautiously optimistic that Winnipeg Transit's fortunes are slowly changing.
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Ian Hudson | When asked "what should the city do for its citizens?" Winnipeg's answer has been "less." Given the city's unwillingness to tax citizens, it's not surprising that it has little money to spend.
Stephen Lewis speaks about the value of municipal services
rabbleTV | Stephen Lewis speaks about the value of protecting public services and resisting privatization. He tells CUPE workers that they should be proud of their role in building strong communities in Canada.