Redeye Collective | Traditional mariachi musicians wear black suits with silver buttons down the pant legs and they're all men. But women have been involved in mariachi music for decades.
June Chua | In her new film 'Come Worry With Us!' award-winning director Helene Klodawsky explores motherhood and the artistic process in the world of Montreal musicians Jessica Moss and Efrim Menuck.
Sean Carleton | There is a lot more to Stompin' Tom Connors (1936 – 2013) than his brash patriotism, foot stomping stage antics, his famous boycott of the Canadian music industry and his popular tunes.
Jennifer Efting, Rowan Lipkovits | On this show we take a look at the state of musician health and safety. What are the hazards? What protection do musicians have from injury and strain?
The F Word | The F Word takes you on whirlwind tour of women's involvement within metal and punk music. Also explored is the new and expanding feminist metal/punk scene.