Wind turbines. Photo: Tobias Nordhausen/Flickr
David J. Climenhaga | The furious debate about the merits of current and future pipeline projects underscores the need for an evidence-based long-term energy strategy for Canada.
Crowd taking part in Salt Spring-Kinder Morgan action. Photo: Christina Marshall/Leadnow Canada/Flickr
David J. Climenhaga | If protests in Burnaby continue to grow, and British Columbians continue to line up to be peacefully arrested, this is when Canadians will learn the real power of social license.
The Canaport LNG jetty in Saint John. Image: Environmental Defence Canada/flickr
David J. Climenhaga | Notwithstanding its leaders’ faux tears and faux cries of outrage, the United Conservative Party soon to be led by Jason Kenney is absolutely delighted by this development.
Pipeline resistance. Image: Council of Canadians
Andrea Harden-Donahue | Today, let's celebrate the end of Energy East. Tomorrow, we wake up and continue the hard work to make sure all new tar sands pipelines are stopped.
Penney Kome | Liberals release reports on four major Acts; recommendations please some, irk others.
Rachel Notley
David J. Climenhaga | The "Asian premium" and "tidewater premium" for Alberta bitumen are myths spread by governments and pipeline proponents, argues earth scientist David Hughes.
Don MacIntyre
David J. Climenhaga | Alberta's conservative parties are so mired in their market fundamentalist ideology that, ironically, they have no time for the marketplace of ideas.
Photo: Environmental Defence Canada/flickr
Brent Patterson | There is no word when the NEB hearings will resume, though they were scheduled to be in Quebec City next (from October 3-7) and then eventually to conclude in Kingston (on December 12-16).
Brian Jean
David J. Climenhaga | A feud with a prominent Quebec politician may work for Alberta's conservatives if it encourages the conditions in which the NDP's campaign to win social license for pipelines fails.
Waterloo's People's Injunction against the NEB - photo Divest Waterloo
Dan Kellar | Audio from the January 24 "People's Injunction" demonstration in Waterloo which demanded new rules for the NEB which consider Indigenous rights and climate change in their decisions.
Alyse Kotyk | As the NEB hearings continue for Kinder Morgan's proposed Trans Mountain pipeline, activists deliver thousands of signatures opposing the project.
The Council of Canadians has called for climate change to be included in NEB rev
Brent Patterson | The Trudeau government's interim regulations for pipeline review processes are a good first step, but there are questions and fundamental issues that still need to be addressed.