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Lois Ross | The NFUniversity is working to educate, build awareness and encourage alliances with those who understand the importance of food production, but do not necessarily farm.
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Lois Ross | The National Farmers Union's latest report, "Tackling the Farm Crisis and the Climate Crisis," focuses on how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture while also improving food security.
The NFU celebrated 50 years of advocating for family farms, women farmers, Indigenous farmers and farmers all around the world last year. Image: NationalFarmersUnion/Twitter
Lois Ross | The National Farmers Union has fought many important battles over the last 50 years. The NFU's stories are inspiring, and need to be known, respected and remembered.
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Lois Ross | By turning the focus on Canadian dairy farming, U.S. President Donald Trump has unwittingly helped to remind us why supply management is key to treating farmers fairly.
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Jan Slomp | Those who want to put global trade agreements ahead of made-in-Canada solutions are treating trade as a sacred cow, when really it's just bull.
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National Farmers Union | With the privatization of the Canadian Wheat Board, the Harper government has accomplished the biggest transfer of wealth away from farmers in the history of Canada.
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Jan Slomp | The Conference Board of Canada's ideas for changing supply management are ill-conceived and self-serving. Let's do a quick review of why we have dairy supply management, and how it works.
Penney Kome | Vandana Shiva calls for a living democracy that respects the earth and opposes Canada's GMO-friendly agriculture Bill C-18.
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Glenn Tait | The Harper government's systematic path of destruction through Canada's public agriculture institutions continues with the closure of the Cereal Research Centre.
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Jan Slomp | Are grain transportation and the Fair Elections Act connected? You bet! The CPC's termination of the farmer-elected Canadian Wheat Board is akin to dismissing the Chief Electoral Officer.
Lorraine Chisholm | The University of Guelph has been doing research into a genetically modified pig since the mid-1990s. The Enviropig would have produced waste lower in phosphorus than a regular pig.
Voices of the National Farmers Union of Canada
rabbleTV | The National Farmers Union and NFU members look at the issues facing farmers in Canada, as well as solutions.