national housing plan

Dec 17, 2014

Social justice lies upstream from charity

Cathy Crowe
The Upstream Downstream parable guided Cathy Crowe in her work as a street nurse. She shares a simple formula for how to act on social justice issues such as homelessness that goes beyond charity.
Sep 18, 2013
Photo: wikipedia commons

Affordable housing still a pipe dream for many Canadians

Josh Brandon
Last week, Statistics Canada released the final instalment of its 2011 National Household Survey (NHS). For many families, finding an affordable home in good repair still remains a far off goal.
Apr 14, 2010

Red Tents to replace homeless shelters?

Pivot Legal Society
Am Johal, chair of the Impact on Communities Coalition, talks about a national housing proposal to be introduced in Parliament this month, and the Red Tents campaign.
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