Duncan Cameron | Quebec. The NDP membership's primary concern is that the party hold its 58 Quebec seats in the next election: this determined the outcome of the leadership campaign.
Photo: Cat Reporter
rabbleTV | In this edition of the Krellant Evening News, Cat Reporter infiltrates the NDP Leadership Convention and discovers the Cat Truth about the coming socialist insurrection!
Photo: dooq/Flickr
Meg Borthwick | Want to be part of the NDP leadership decision and aren't quite sure how to go about it? Well,'s got answers for you!
James Laxer | At age 215, Socialism had its neck on the chopping block at the recent NDP convention in Vancouver when a last minute reprieve spared it.
Brian Topp | The New Democratic Party met in convention this weekend. What happened and what did it mean? A good place to start is that just shy of 98 per cent of delegates gave Jack Layton a vote of confidence.
Gerry Caplan | Jack Layton's NDP is bringing the sweet smell of success to a distraught Vancouver. But the delegates at the convention may want to remember that not all such gatherings have been joyous celebrations.