Mar 12, 2009

Alert #117, March 12th, 2009

Alert! Radio from Canadian Dimension
Interviews with Margaret Viggiani of Radical Women, Ed Schreyer on 40th anniversary, and Anthony Hall on prosecuting G.W. Bush..

Monia Mazigh: The Rest of Herstory

Mar 5, 2009
Brescia University College Auditorium
1285 Western Road
N6G 1H2 London , ON
43° 0' 18.612" N, 81° 16' 36.5412" W
Ontario CA
The inspiring story of Monia Mazigh’s courageous fight to free her husband, Maher Arar, from a Syrian jail and the following years of pursuing justice.
Dec 15, 2008

Coalition Rally - Ottawa

A large rally came together on Parliament Hill on Thursday Dec. 4th to support the formation of a coalition made up of the opposition parties.
Sep 24, 2008

Anyone But Harper

Ariel Troster
Supporting the ABC camp in the federal election
Jan 29, 2003

You Don't Know Jack

A Layton-led NDP will be a different animal than the NDP that Canadians have seen over the past decade: more dynamic; more forceful; less reactive; and less apologetic. As Layton indicated in his spe


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