Jun 29, 2012
General Strike posters, Montreal. Photo: Rob Caballero/Flickr

Canada's Mean Test: Myths behind neo-con madness

Erika Shaker
The righteous angst of the "I did it all myself/you owe me/what about my break?" constituency finds political traction in the mainstream media, but the substance behind the myths is, well, lacking.
Jun 27, 2012

Ensuring water access for all

As the failure of the Rio+20 summit confirms, access to water and sustainable development is being denied by neoliberal economic policies, expert-dominated bureaucracies and political parties.
Jun 13, 2012

Debt, reparations and a new form of power

How do we move from economies of indebtedness towards sustainable and socially just development? Northern, neoliberal, funding regulations have not produced a financially solvent form of development.
Jun 4, 2012

Lessons from Quebec for the rest of Canada

Dear Quebec re-sisters and brothers: What an awesomely inventive laboratory of political resistance you have built. Thanks for taking the struggle against inequality and austerity to a new level.
Apr 24, 2012

Europe counts in French elections

France, which for decades has been split between left and right, with Presidential elections being decided 51 to 49 per cent on that basis, now is also splitting over attitudes towards Europe.


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