Image: Alanis Obomsawin and NFB. Used with permission.
David Peck | Alanis Obomsawin, one of Canada's best known Indigenous documentary filmmakers, focuses on the inadequacies of Indigenous health care in her latest film through the stories of two children.
Production still via NFB
June Chua | A new documentary by Canadian director Christy Garland chronicles the many pressures and political internalizations of a young woman living in the West Bank.
Detailed view of the "Glwa", Heiltsuk canoe, at the Qatuwas Festival, an international gathering of maritime indigenous nations of the Pacific Rim. Photo: United Nations Photo/John Isaac/Flickr
Doreen Nicoll | Indigenous artists, get help with your NFB/imagineNative innovative submissions on July 19 from 4 to 5 p.m.
 Image: Vimeo/NFB/marketing
Doreen Nicoll | Charles Officer's 2016 documentary, "Unarmed Verses," chronicles the life of Francine Valentine, her family and community at a time when urban revitalization threatens their already tenuous survival.
Rick Salutin | Consider this column a Canadian afterparty for last weekend's 50th anniversary show of Doctor Who. In a charming film prelude, the final acting credit reads, "Bryan Cox as Sydney Newman."
Rick Salutin | What's the cultural opposite of ambition? Modesty. That could be our cultural keyword. For a great example, go to the National Film Board of Canada website and check out 'Welcome to Pine Point.'
rabbleTV | A new National Film Board web documentary explores the community of Pine Point, a Canadian town erased from the map.