A woman stands near a burning barricade holding the national flag of Nicaragua. Photo: Voice of America/Wikimedia Commons
Lois Ross | These are serious and troubling times in Nicaragua. Protests since April have left hundreds dead and many more incarcerated or missing. Where will the turmoil end and how?
Canadian members and Nicaraguan farmers at a workshop in Rivas. Photo credit: Lois Ross
Lois Ross | Decades after Nicaragua's revolution, the country's revolutionaries and their supporters find themselves divided -- between those who support Daniel Ortega's government and those who oppose it.
The Sandinista revolution in Nicaragua - rabble columnist draws parallels between the 1980s and now
Victoria Fenner | Lois Ross was one of many young Canadians who went down to Nicaragua after the election of the Sandinistas in the '80s. Thirty years later, she says there are some similarities to those times.
Members of the first Canadian Farmers Brigade to Nicaragua attend the January 1985 inauguration of Daniel Ortega as FSLN President. Photo credit: Lois Ross
Lois Ross | To better understand present-day events in Nicaragua, we need to revisit the 1979 Sandinista Revolution and the agrarian reform which was to have lifted the poorest citizens out of poverty.
People protest in Nicaragua. Photo: Julio Vannini/Flickr
Lois Ross | The 1980s were an incredible time of change, challenge and hope in Nicaragua after the 1979 Sandinista Revolution. Now many are questioning the source of the violence that's erupted in the country.
David J. Climenhaga | Ironically, the Americans appear to be worried about Russian interference in the election process (satire).
Manuel Schulte | Big Boys Gone Bananas! documents the campaign Dole waged against Swedish filmmaker Fredrik Gertten to try to prevent him from showing his film Bananas! from being distributed in the United States.
Natalia Cuadra | A contentious open-pit gold mine is upsetting locals along the Nicaraguan-Costa Rican border, but the Canadian company behind it could get millions if the contract is cancelled.
Mordecai Briemberg | The Nicaraguan president, Daniel Ortega, has banned abortion and attacked the feminist movement.