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Karly Wilson, Pro Bono | As remote working exacerbates gender inequalities in the workplace, non-profit board chairs should start conversations about what they can do to work towards equality.
Pro Bono, Brian Iler | The Trudeau government has promised to modernize the rules governing the non-profit sector, which was left under a chill by the Conservatives. What needs to change?
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Jeannine M. Pitas | After a year and a half of struggle, former Palisades Media Arts Academy workers are celebrating a victory over anti-union tactics. However, the win is bittersweet.
Duncan Cameron | By putting together a policy agenda of bold ideas, the NDP would help Canadians get a measure of the new Liberal government, and give the party a much-needed leadership role in public debate.
Book Cover: Rebalancing Society
Christopher Majka | Henry Mintzberg's new book, Rebalancing Society, makes a case for balancing public, private, and plural social sectors. It's an appealing idea but is there data to support it? We investigate further.
Redeye Collective | For the past 40 years, the federal government has subsidized housing co-ops. Now the original agreements are expiring and there is no plan in place for their renewal.
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Diana Guenther | The history of youth, family and social services in B.C. is characterized by privatization, a fragmentation of service delivery, underfunding, frequent restructuring and a business model logic.