Occupy Wall Street

Dec 2, 2011

Occupy Movement: Show me your face

Shot at Occupy Vancouver, this film is an attempt to stop pretending. From species extinction and climate change, to community breakdown, we are facing the most challenging era of history.
Dec 2, 2011
Needs no introduction, fresh ideas from speakers of note

Judy Rebick's Media Democracy Day 2011 keynote

Needs No Introduction
During her keynote at 2011's Media Democracy Day Judy Rebick discussed the origin of rabble.ca and how technology has changed the face of activism over the past 10 years.
Dec 2, 2011

jhr Rights Report #12: The end of #Occupy?

Journalists for Human Rights
The 12th edition of the jhr Rights Report connects with correspondents in Canada, the U.S. and Middle East to find out about the next phase of the Occupy movement.


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