Photo: Mike Baird/flickr
Elizabeth May | June 5 is World Environment Day and June 8 is World Oceans Day, with the full week marked in Canada by legislation as Environment Week. Under other prime ministers, Environment Week was a big deal.
Dan Kellar, [email protected] Radio | Resisting Condos and Pipelines in bc and ontario dominates this episode, including pacific trails, line 9, the victory at Marpole Midden, and the model for Tutela Heights, and more!
Photo Lou Dematteis, Human Voices Now.
Christopher Majka | Ocean acidity is increasing dramatically from carbon emissions. Without action we risk a corrosive ocean wasteland, toxic to corals, shellfish, and plankton and unable to support critical fisheries.
Sarah Laskow | American industries and consumers are steadily polluting U.S. water systems.