Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, with European Parliament President Antonio Tajani, addressed MEPs in Strasbourg on Thursday 16 February, 2017, one day after the the European Parliament approved the EU-Canada trade agreement (CETA). Photo: European Parliament
Ed Finn | A new book by Joyce Nelson provides practical challenges to corporate rule.
The Honourable E. Leo Kolber, O.C.
Linda McQuaig | Conservative and Liberal prime ministers have changed policies to tax the wealthy thanks to Kolber's persuasion
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks in the House of Commons. Photo: Adam Scotti/PMO
Karl Nerenberg | Stephen Bronfman is the Liberals’ chief revenue officer. He has also been involved in offshore tax avoidance schemes. But is he ‘just a volunteer’ with no say on policy?
Yves Engler | CIBC is a major player in the region and has been linked to various tax avoidance schemes. Ottawa shaped post-independence Caribbean banking regulations.
Goose on the Spur Line
Dan Kellar, [email protected] Radio | From the May 3 edition of [email protected] Radio: CN rail poisons, Porter air bullies, elites hide money offshore and spies share our secrets. So we rob banks, clog the pipes, stop fracking, save bees!
Statscan Cansim table 376-0051 (by country) and 376-0038 (by industry)
Toby Sanger | A growing share of Canada's investment overseas is being channelled by Canadian banks into tax havens. Unfortunately, there isn't much evidence our political leaders are doing much about this.