oil spill

Jul 10, 2010

Deep Spill 2: Not coming to a gulf near you

'Deep Spill 2' sounds like a sequel to a Hollywood thriller. Unfortunately, it is more of a reality show. It's the name of an ambitious series of scientific experiments that should be happening now.
Jun 11, 2010

Weekly Mulch: BP oil spill stalls climate bill

Sarah Laskow
"There's a dead dolphin on this beach," Mother Jones' Mac McClelland, wrote yesterday in Louisiana. It's one snapshot of the harm visited on the Gulf Coast by the BP oil spill.
Jun 7, 2010

You, me and disasters in the deep sea

For those of us who live far away from the Gulf of Mexico, the oily videos and doomsaying headlines are getting to be a bit wearying and are drifting to the back of the news.


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