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Jun 29, 2020
U.S. President Donald Trump boards Marine One headed for a campaign rally in Tulsa. Image: Wikimedia Commons

U.S. opinion polls dump President Donald Trump

Penney Kome
The president's shoddy handling of the COVID-19 pandemic and his response to the police murder of George Floyd have all contributed to a sharp decline in opinion polls.
Oct 22, 2010

Doubting Thomases: Judges, polls and politics

I Read The News Today, Oh Boy!
U.S. Supreme Court Justice Thomas might be married to a conflict of interest (tough luck for us), plus we look at the politics of polls and news you might have missed.
Jul 3, 2009

Afghans want peace not more war

Dave Markland
A recent poll of 3,200 Afghans found a large majority of Afghans want the government to make amends with the Taliban.
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