Left to right: Niki Ashton, Charlie Agnus, Guy Caron, Jagmeet Singh
Nora Loreto | There is a giant, Quebec-sized hole in the NDP leadership debate. The four candidates have said nearly nothing about Quebec, either in their platforms or during the debates.
Photo: Karl Nerenberg,
Karl Nerenberg | The first-to-declare NDP leadership candidate tells rabble that the party lost touch with the grass roots last time. If he is chosen leader, Julian pledges that will not happen again.
Duncan Cameron | Election 2015 has one overriding question: do you want to see another Harper Conservative government? Two-thirds or more of Canadians are answering: no more Harper.
Tom Mulcair on the campaign trail in 2011
Paul Orlowski | Are the NDP bursts of electoral success mere rogue waves? Or can Canadians expect to see more of these tsunami-like surges in future elections?
Doug Goss
David J. Climenhaga | You can slam a new government you don't support in the run-up to an election. You can be the non-partisan chair of a public institution’s board. But you can't do both.
Book Review
Joel Harden | 'Building the Orange Wave' recounts the history of the NDP and their rise to Official Opposition. Joel Harden ponders the difference between that NDP and the present NDP and if the wave has collapsed?
Alberta Conservative strategist Stephen Carter
David J. Climenhaga | Even if NDP poll numbers have increased startlingly, it would be difficult to portray the Alberta NDP riding the crest of an Orange Wave so big it could threaten to dislodge the mighty Tory behemoth.
Jesse McLaren | Today marks one week of the movement across Canada and Quebec. Like all movements, there are a series of debates emerging that will determine its direction and success.
Simon Tremblay-Pepin | So, if it was not for the sake of Canada or Tommy Douglas, why did Quebecers vote for Jack Layton?
Simon Tremblay-Pepin | In the second of a three-part series Simon Tremblay-Pepin shows that the NDP's impressive showing in Quebec does not indicate a rejection of sovereignty.
Simon Tremblay-Pepin | In the first of a three-part series, Simon Tremblay-Pepin discusses the NDP wave in Quebec and a rise of support for left-wing ideas.
Jack Layton in Edmonton, last May
David J. Climenhaga | Here's to Jack Layton. We hope to see him back soon, playing his proper role at 24 Sussex Drive. But the party that he built is bigger than any single leader.