Mar 1, 2013
Photo: Aidan Wakely-Mulroney/Flickr

A new B.C. government? It's not as easy as it looks

Keith Reynolds
If there is a new government in B.C. on May 15, it will be confronted with issues that make the transition harder than most government changeovers we have seen in the past.
Oct 15, 2012

P3s: Harper takes Canadians down a risky road

Emma Lui
In today's Globe and Mail article, 'The hidden price of public-private partnerships,' Barrie McKenna highlights the risks of Public-private partnerships.
Feb 29, 2012

Lessons from Moncton's water privatization experience

Emma Lui
The Moncton example highlights challenges that are characteristic to water privatization around the world: price increases, higher total costs to finance construction and lack of transparency.


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