parliamentary democracy

Jun 26, 2011

We finally have a real Official Opposition

Brian Topp
Canadians aren't used to parliamentary government, in part because we aren't used to politics built around real differences between our major parties over real issues. But that all changed May 2nd.
Feb 8, 2011

Multi-party parliaments need updated rules

Brian Topp
As a big step towards making our Parliament and our democracy work better, Canada should publicly discuss, explain, and modernize the rules that our Parliament and our government runs on.
Mar 3, 2010

Harper's assault on democracy

Murray Dobbin
As Parliament resumes, this is the first in a new series looking at the harm Prime Minister Stephen Harper is doing to the political and social fabric of Canada.
Sep 11, 2009

In praise of 'another' election

Suck it up, Canada: What are we -- shoppers or citizens? It's fatal to confuse the roles, as seems to be happening with all the whinging and whining over "another" election that "nobody" wants.


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