Eva Prkachin | OpenMedia's David Christopher has been invited to speak to MLAs at a key meeting of the BC Legislature’s Special Committee to review provincial privacy rules on Monday, September 8.
Eva Prkachin | OpenMedia's Steve Anderson has been invited to speak to MPs at a key meeting of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights.
Book Review
Greg Macdougall | In Media Ecosystem, Antonio Lopez takes an ecological approach to media that both understands the world of media as an ecosystem, and connects media to the physical world.
Lorraine Chisholm | Democracy usually refers to a form of governance for a nation state. However many modern social movements have grown in explicit rejection of this kind of democracy.
Activist Toolkit
| OpenWatch utilizes mobile technology to monitor the activities of public figures
Steve Anderson | Which is more engaging: reading an article in a newspaper or talking about it with a friend afterwards? This is what media producers should ask as they navigate the current crisis in journalism.