Making the link between militarism and the global refugee crisis
Victoria Fenner | Cesar Jaramillo, executive director of Project Ploughshares talks to David Kattenburg of the Green Planet Monitor about a harsh truth the warrior nations don't ever address.
Radio for peace, not hate
Victoria Fenner | On the 24th anniversary of the Rwandan genocide, David Kattenburg takes a look at how Rwandan radio is promoting healing where it was once used to promote violence.
Image Copyright: Ann Shin. Fathom Film Group. Used with permission.
David Peck | Ann Shin's film 'My Enemy, My Brother', is an emotional journey of two former enemies who return together to Iran and Iraq many years after the war.
Victoria Fenner | Two talks about Israel and Palestine: Dr. Philip Leech-Ngo of University of Ottawa; and Greg Albo of York University.
H. Peter Langille | For those who hope to see Canada play a peaceful role in the world, the next four years may look bleak. Nevertheless, now is the time to consider new ideas for peace.
Katherine Dodds | The fim that would not die! The Corporation to Screen at Hot Docs, May 9, Pax Americana Launches at DOXA in Vanocouver.
Linda McQuaig | NDP MP Bill Siksay and Liberal MP Jim Karygiannis introduced a private member's bill in Parliament calling for the creation of a federal Department of Peace, with a seat at the cabinet table.
Afghanistan before the drawing of the 1893 Durand Line
Nima Maleki | Military intervention into Pakistan, and war as police action for global peace and order.