peace and conflict

Apr 5, 2018
Radio for peace, not hate

Ghosts of Hate Radio

rabble radio
On the 24th anniversary of the Rwandan genocide, David Kattenburg takes a look at how Rwandan radio is promoting healing where it was once used to promote violence.
Sep 9, 2010
A candlelight vigil in Union Square, New York, September 2001. Photo: September Mourning/Flickr

Let's make September 11 a day without war

Amy Goodman
The ninth anniversary of the September 11 attacks on the United States should serve as a moment to reflect on tolerance, says Amy Goodman.

Non-Violent Solutions to the Middle East Impasse

Nov 20, 2009
McMaster University Health Sciences Centre, Room 4E20
1200 Main Street West fourth floor between red and yellow elevators.
Hamilton , ON
43° 15' 28.7712" N, 79° 54' 50.6592" W
Ontario CA
Rita Giacamen, Epidemiologist, will lecture on Non-Violent Solutions to the Middle East Impasse

Global Visions Film Festival

Nov 6, 2009 to Nov 8, 2009
Paramount Theater, Stanley Milner Library, Metro Cinema Edmonton , AB
53° 32' 27.3876" N, 113° 29' 37.3128" W
Alberta CA
The 28th annual Global Visions Film Festival is Canada's longest running documentary film festival.
Oct 6, 2009

Give peace a seat at cabinet table

NDP MP Bill Siksay and Liberal MP Jim Karygiannis introduced a private member's bill in Parliament calling for the creation of a federal Department of Peace, with a seat at the cabinet table.


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