May 14, 2012

Movie: Big Boys Gone Bananas!

Big Boys Gone Bananas! documents the campaign Dole waged against Swedish filmmaker Fredrik Gertten to try to prevent him from showing his film Bananas! from being distributed in the United States.
Apr 25, 2012
A Chimney Swift at its nest.

Quiet Spring: Fifty years since Rachel Carson

Christopher Majka
Fifty years after Silent Spring, birds are still suffering from the impact of DDT, and now climate change threatens their future. Will we learn from the past or will no birds sing in a future spring?
Sep 14, 2009

Local food is a future necessity

The industrial agriculture that has fed increasing numbers of people for 60 years, thanks to more and more chemical fertilizers and advances in technology, is hitting several brick walls.
May 11, 2009

Birth defects linked to pesticide use

Dr.Paul Winchester is a neonatologist in Indianopolis. He was so surprised by the number of birth defects showing up in his small community hospital that he decided to investigate further.


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