Shannon Phillips
David J. Climenhaga | Alberta's climate policy debate may truly be a case where your best friends are your worst enemies and your worst enemies your best friends!
Dr. James Talbot
David J. Climenhaga | Connections, connections … whatever can they all mean? Could someone be afraid of the answers a credible study of the health effects of bitumen mining might reveal?
Photo: flickr/fox_kiyo
Heather Menzies | The Yukon government's 'regional land-use plan' for the Peel River Watershed proposes to leave 29 per cent protected from development, versus the 80 per cent originally recommended. What gives?
John O'Connor
David J. Climenhaga | Putting the timorous behavior of northwest Alberta oil-patch physicians in the context of the war of vilification against outspoken rocker Neil Young.
Photo: Stephen Boyle/flickr
Claudio D'Andrea | There's a perverse irony at play in Windsorites' protests against the petcoke piles on neighbouring Detroit's shores.
Bruce Campbell | One of goals in my paper, The Petro-Path Not Taken, was to compare Norway and Canada-Alberta's record in distributing petroleum wealth amongst persons and amongst provinces.
Wiebo Ludwig
David J. Climenhaga | Something about Wiebo Ludwig that doesn't quite come through in a TV interview or even a feature-length documentary is the crackling charisma of the man, the intensity of those startling blue eyes.