Pierre Trudeau

Book Review
Jan 23, 2014

'Building Sanctuary' for war resisters, circa 1965

Paul Weinberg
'Building Sanctuary' asks "what happened when U.S. war resisters to the Vietnam war arrived in Canada, which was undergoing a major political, economic and cultural shift."
Nov 26, 2013
Pierre Trudeau

He haunts us still: 'Welcome to the 1980s'

David J. Climenhaga
What if Canadians, for the moment at least, are just tired of rule by cranky old men? Stranger things have happened. Pot? Teflon, more like.
Nov 7, 2013
Images: wikipedia commons

A tale of two Trudeaus

Steven Shrybman
When it comes to Pierre and Justin Trudeau, it seems the apple can fall quite far from the tree.


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