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Apr 11, 2012
Landfall album cover

Carole Pope: The return of the diva

Cathi Bond
Carole Pope has returned with Landfall, a highly eclectic recording that shows a more mature artist still completely in command of her considerable voice, lyrically as nimble as ever.
Jun 6, 2011
Photo: Paul Schreiber/Flickr

Women's Worlds 2011 interview: Kinnie Starr

Ellie Gordon-Moershel
The Canadian rapper and aboriginal performer muses on music: "I don't see enough diversity in the female expression anymore...there's more to choreography than shaking your ass."
Mar 1, 2011

#65 - Muse Mix

The Ruckus
A mix of songs from our good friends at www.themusebox.net.
Feb 16, 2011

#63 -- Live from Beirut: Part 1

The Ruckus
Journalist Shirine Saad takes us on an audio tour of underground clubs in Beirut, Lebanon, to explore how music and politics mix with the youth culture in this troubled city.


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