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Phillip Dwight Morgan | No degree is worth the loss of another student, say U of Waterloo students following the school's latest suicide.
Victoria Fenner | How well are our students being prepared to solve the world's problems? Three teachers share their perspectives.
Activist Toolkit
| Lift the cap, it's only fair!
What's Left Editors | The latest edition of What's Left This Week looks at the Ontario budget and tuition fees, the Canada Pension Plan, and privatization.
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Cory Collins | As university libraries struggle with subscription costs, some believe for-profit scholarly publishers are far too powerful and perhaps unnecessary. Are non-profits and open access the solution?
Tyson Kelsall | Public education in B.C. is facing a struggle against neoliberalism.
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Ella Bedard | The Canadian Federation of Students say that politicians are willing to pay lip service to student issues, but offer little more than that.
J. Baglow | In which I respond to a challenge by economist Stephen Gordon to defend a "no-tuition" policy
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Hans Rollman | The fact that international students pay higher tuition fees has been normalized. However, this discriminatory policy needs to be reversed, and don't worry, York students are getting organized.
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Cory Collins | Newfoundland and Labrador has maintained a decade-long tuition freeze, had earlier removed loan interest and has now become the first province set to replace student loans with grants.
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H.G. Watson | Students Against Migrant Exploitation and the United Food and Commercial Workers have been visiting Canadian universities hoping to get people thinking about worker conditions with #NotMyTomato.
Book Review
Nora Loreto | Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, the Maple Spring's most recognizable face, offers a straight-forward account about how the student strike felt from the inside.