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Feb 9, 2016
Photo: Tanya/flickr

Let's talk about a national pharmacare program

Stephen Kimber
Since we've been talking about seniors' pharmacare, perhaps it's time to change the modifier and resume a longstanding conversation about universal pharmacare.
May 4, 2014

End of health accord threatens equal access to care

The National Health Accord expired on March 31 and the federal government has said it won't negotiate a new agreement. Health-care activists are concerned about the impact on universal access to care.
Jul 26, 2013
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B.C. doctors need unbiased info on prescription drugs

Vanessa Brcic
Given pharmaceutical industry bias that saturates our information sources, physicians and governments need organizations like the Therapeutics Initiative to make safe decisions about pharmaceuticals.
May 29, 2013

The fight for pharmacare in Canada

Adrienne Silnicki
Canada is the only developed country that has a universal health-care system but doesn't cover prescription drugs.


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